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Karla Spice

Ice Rink
Ice Rink

Mountain vacation part two! Hi all! It’s me Karla! Instead of coming to you from the sunny beaches of my native South America I’m on a mountain vacation freezing my butt off! Ha…ha. But I’m having soooo much fun! It sounds crazy but I hardly ever get to wear cute little jackets and hats so when I do it’s a treat. Don’t get me wrong though. I’ll never trade in my bikinis for boots and a ski parka that’s for sure! I like to be on the beach sipping a cocktail and checking out all the hot guys and chicks and working on my killer tan! That’s my style for sure. But variety is the spice of life so into the mountains I go. Funny thing is no matter how cold it gets, it’s guaranteed that I’ll find an opportunity to strip for you! So come and see me how you’ve never seen me before! I look like I’m bundled up and ready for the winter Olympics but I assure you, what I’ve got on underneath will keep you warm on those cold nights! If you met me on the slopes, would you want to snuggle up next to me by the fire? Log on and tell me if I could get you hot enough to melt your heart!