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Really nice young latina

Really nice young latina
D. Sanchez is constantly filming, like always even when he goes to the bathroom. So today we find Sanchez with his sidekick Ugly and Tony. Sanchez needed a tire and Tony had this friend who could hook him up with a deal. The place where Tony’s friend works was closed, so they decided to head home. Ugly sucks as a driver and can never listen, Ugly was turning around right by the detention center located across the street, when a girl started to wave them down. For some weird reason they decided to pull over and see what the girl wanted. Her first words were “Do you guys have a fucking cigarette?” Sanchez did not like that too much and was not sure about this girl at all. After talking to the girl they found out her name was Jasilyn and she had just turned 18 and was released from the detention center. Jasilyn was in there for stealing cars; she did six months and was released due to her turning 18. Jasilyn needed a ride to the metro, Sanchez didn’t want to give her ride but Ugly and Tony felt bad and convinced Sanchez to give her a ride. Once in the car, Sanchez drilled Jasilyn with some pointless questions and you can tell it was starting to get to Jasilyn so she started getting an attitude with him. Sanchez explained to Jasilyn that Tony was a porn star in his exact words “he fucks for a living”. Sanchez explains that he wants to help her like an out-reach type program and offer her some money to start her life over. Sanchez tells her that he will pay her if Jasilyn has sex with Tony on film. Jasilyn had no other way to get money straight out of the detention center, so she took the offer. They took her back to Sanchez’s studio and cracked her open. Right away, you can see that Jasilyn is the type of girl that loves to suck dick. When Tony put his dick in her it was like Jasilyn got possessed by a demon, her eyes were roiling in the back of her head and she was moaning like crazy. Tony might have been her same height but he filled up Jasilyn’s pussy with his cock. Happy to be fucked and paid, Jasilyn walked out of Sanchez’s studio with a smile. You gotta love the troubled youth!

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