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Pure 18 presents Natalia Rossi in episode: Tastee Fruit
Pure 18 presents Natalia Rossi

You cant trust people these days. Sweet, young Natali has a girlfriend who has a boyfriend who may have a wandering eye. Natali is a good girl, though. Young, sweet, shaved, flexible, tanned and willing to put herself in tight, uncomfortable situations to see if her friends boyfriends eyes do, indeed, wander. She called him up with intent to put the moves on his cock and report back to her broken-hearted buddy, what went down. Chris showed up and, to his surprise, Natali was on his dick instantly. Hesitant, he tried to do the right thing, but in the presence of tits and ass and legs like Natalis, the right thing is the wrong thing. He whipped out his forearm-length cock and gave Nat the heave ho that she was begging for. She struggled valiantly, to handle the cock and in the end, though outgunned and over powered, her love of cock closed the match at a draw. Impressive. Most impressive… Until the decidedly lopsided cumshot that found its way all up about her face, neck, chest, breasts and head.